Our Story

DOUSE-IFY was founded in 2021 by a mother and daughter team: Paris and Summer. Paris (aka Mom) works as a Supervisor, and enjoys reading books and cooking new recipes in her free time. Summer works as an Interior Designer in Minneapolis, and loves watching documentaries and hanging out with friends.

We have always had a passion for self-care products but struggled to find brands that had the same values as we do. Douse-ify is a self-care-focused brand with the goal of elevating your day-to-day life. The 'ify' in our name stands for "I feel you" which we thought resonated with our goal of creating products that benefit YOU. 

We believe that everyone deserves products made with high-quality, non-toxic ingredients. This includes only using fragrance oils that are 100% phthalate-free. We also add ingredients such as hemp oil and kaolin clay for increased moisturizing benefits. For additional information regarding the benefits of our ingredients, check out our Ingredients Breakdown page. 

The environmental impact of self-care products was also a concern of ours, so we've made steps to reduce our eco-footprint by using bio-degradable film to wrap our bath bombs and hand-made soaps in. All of the glitter we use in our products - such as our bath bombs, soaps, and candles - are also bio-degradable. We look forward to continuing to do our part in creating a greener planet!

- Paris + Summer